21. Apr, 2016

Chocolate and raspberry fondant

Almost all of my recipes are inspired by the people in my life, countries I have visited, countries I haven't visited, life events and lots more, I usually take an idea and adapt, improve or adjust it to suit me and the people I am cooking for............except this one. This is probably the only recipe I have that, in my opinion is pure luxury and can't be improved. I stole this recipe from a restaurant I worked for back in 2004 in Oxfordshire. I worked in the kitchen along side the owner and this was one of the desserts we had on the menu, I have no idea if it is his recipe or whose recipe it is, but it has to feature on this page for everyone to have a go at. I want everyone to realise how easy it is to make a chocolate fondant and to enjoy it for it's pure indulgence. This is a show stopper pudding that will get you top marks at any dinner party. I always try and use 85% dark chocolate although it can be made with a less bitter chocolate if you wish, I do think that the darker the chocolate the more luxurious the pudding will be. Adding slightly sweet raspberries help cut the richness of the chocolate as does the raspberry sauce and serving it with a good dollop of creme fraiche helps it go down even better.


to make the chocolate fondant for 6 people you will need

150g 85% dark chocolate

100g butter

125g caster sugar

4 eggs

50g plain flour

12.5g cocoa powder

200g raspberries

juice of half a lime

30ml water

icing sugar and butter for lining the ramakins


pre heat your oven at 200c/400f.

Count out 24 raspberries and put them to one side as a garnish.

Put the water, lime juice and 50g of the caster sugar in a pan and heat to dissolve the sugar, then add the remaining  raspberries and blend until smooth. pass the sauce through a fine sieve or tea strainer to remove all the seeds. That's the sauce done.

Put the butter and chocolate in a heatproof bowl and melt over a pan of simmering water ensuring the bowl does not touch the water. In a seperate mixing bowl beat the eggs and sugar together until well combined, add the flour and the cocoa powder and the melted butter and chocolate and fold together ensuring the mixture has no lumps.

Grease 6 ramakins with butter and then line them with a little icing sugar tapping out any excess sugar. It is really important to grease the ramakins well to make turning the pudding out successful.

Half fill each ramakin with the chocolate mixture and place a raspberry in the centre, now cover the raspberry with more mixture nearly filling the ramakin.

Bake the fondant for 8 minutes. They should not look wet on the top when they are ready.

This is the tricky bit. Quickly turn each ramakin upside down onto a plate and carefully lift the ramakin off leaving a perfect little pudding on the plate. Arrange three raspberries on top of each pudding and then spoon some raspberry sauce over the top. Put a good dollop of crema fraiche next to each little pdding and serve.